Book of Celebration 2013

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Gina and Bob Adams
Sam Adams
A friend for Life, miss you so much Sam
Edith Addison
Dennis Addison
To my husband friend and soulmate missing you too much x
ME Aston
Fred Aston
B Atkinson
George Webster
Love, Beryl.
GL Atkinson
Eileen Atkinson
In memory of Grandma Eileen.
Chris Barritt
Scott Barritt
Walking with Angels.
Pauline Barrow
David Payton
Remembered always by all the family
Michael Bedward
Jonathan Bedward
A Loving & wonderful Son & Brother, who fell in love with the Lake District and now rests in peace there. Always in our thoughts - Pat, Mike & Caroline
MA Benson
Neil Beresford
Eve and Freya
To celebrate our two wonderful Grandchildren
G Blair
Edward Douglas
Edith Bowden
Not forgotten
Sue Bland
H Boyle
Michael Boyle
In loving memory of my husband Michael.
J Boys
Bessie Chambers
A loving and courageous Mam. Sadly missed. Loved and cherished always. God Bless.
sarah bradshaw
John Bradshaw
Wish you could still be here with us dad, miss you. Sarah x
MM Brookman
Martin Brookman
KF Brough
Alan Brough
Frances Dalton
Thinking of you day & night and night & day. We love you and miss you.
M Burns
William Burns
Dearly missed Husband & Father. Love always, Margaret & Family
J Burt
Robert Burt
Bessie & Jeff Ross
Robert - always in my heart.
Mum & Dad together again - love you always.
E Campbell
Audrey Perry
Tony Perry
Every day, in some small way, happy memories of you two come our way - Elsa, Gary, Terri & Rory
Chris Chatterton
Norman Chatterton
My dear dad, I will miss you very much this Xmas.
SB Connolly
Kevin Connolly
With love forever - Bridge.
Fiona Crozier
Stan Crozier
Lovingly remembered every day by all of us.
S Davies
Nell & Arthur Bentley
With happy memories.
P Davies
John & Gladys Davies
Dad & Mum
With happy memories
George Davison
Jordan Peck
Love and cherish every moment. Grandad and Nana
JB Dawson
Kathleen Dawson
Miss you every minute of every day. Dearly loved, forever in our hearts.
A Delaney
Harry Clifford
Brigid Clifford
Our love and thoughts are with you always, you were such special people, Angela, Paul, Jack & Sam x
P Delaney
Jack Delaney
To my wonderful brother. You are loved and missed so much. Paul, Angela, Jack & Sam
AP Delaney
Michael Delaney
Mary Delaney
With love to our much missed Mum & Dad. Always in our thoughts, Paul, Angela, Jack & Sam x
B Dixon
Alfred Dixon
Sally Dugdale
Peter and Pixie
Thanks 4 being superb parents! Love & miss you! Sue & Sal X
ARJ Duncan
Hilary Duncan
Remembering a wonderful wife and mother. She would have loved her grandchildren.
Anne Marie Dunne
Paul Furminger
Always in our thoughts and in our hearts. Mum and Claire xx
DS Evans
SM Ferguson
Gordon Graham
Wendy Ogilvie
Pam Scriven
Never Forgotten
D Fernandez
Amy Fernandez
In memory of our beloved daughter Amy.
J Fletcher
Albert Tyson
Thinking of you at this special time of year. Gone but not forgotten, shining brightly. Janet, Kevin, Mandy & Families.
D Ford
Terry Ford
Still thinking about you so much! Lots of love Doris.
EM Forster
Donald Forster
A Gillbanks
Connie Seward
Michael Gillbanks
Always in our thoughts.
A Graham
Sheila Graham
Always in our hearts and thoughts, love and miss you Mum. Forever shining bright xxx
SJ Grant
Esther Kidger
Stan Graham
For Esther, my soulmate as we walked the Fells together.
Lovely memories - Susan and Barbara
Colin Grant
Florence Grant
Nana Darling
A very much missed and generous Mother & Grandmother.
MS Grant
Fraser Grant
Missing you so very much each and every dat.
J Grisdale
Joyce Grisdale
Rob Grisdale
Missed by all the Family.
Always in our thoughts, missed by us all.
P Harding
Harry Dixon
Always in our thoughts, especially at this time of year. Uncle Peter, Auntie Marjorie and family. God Bless You.
Christine Harper
Alan Harper
Miss you - Love you lots.
AJ Hazzard
Jan Hazzard
For my dearest Jan with so much love and prayers of gratitude for our life together.
AJ Hazzard
Donald Watson
Dorothy Watson
R Healey
Catherine Cook
Deidre Finlay
In memory of two sisters dearly loved & missed.
JT Henderson
Yvonne Cawkwell
Edie Harbord
Remembering so many happy times. With all our love to you both.
M Hendrie
Alan Hendrie
M Herbert
David Herbert
Still greatly missed
David Hodgson & Family
Ian Hodgson
In memory of Ian Hodgson who just wanted to be a postman in the Lake District.
KJ Holleis
Karla Holleis
Wolfgang Holleis
A loving mother and daughter sadly missed by Lauren, Mam and Dad.
A loving brother, brother-in-law and uncle.
Sydney Horsfield
George Horsfield
Rhoda Horsfield
Hazel Horsfield
Sylvia Walker
Thinking of you.
Pam Horsnell
David Horsnell
In memory of David, my lovely brother
Judith Hulse
Jean E Jackson
William Jackson
Jane Jackson
Always close in thought, remembering two very special people who lit up many lives.
M Jackson
Angela Strickland
Dearly missed daughter. Love always - Mam & Colin
Frank Jenkinson
Christine Jenkinson
Missed by us all, and always lovingly remembered
NA Johnson
Johnny Johnson
In Loving Memory of You - missed by Noreen & Family
Janet Kiernan
Harry Pridmore
We'll never forget someone who gave us so much to remember. Love & miss you Dad - Janet & Caroline.
A Kirkman
Tsar Kirkman
Lucas Kirkman
A light burning for you in our beloved lakes. Love you always, Special Boys xxxx
C Landon
Doreen Taylor née Gooder
William Taylor
Mum & Dad who always loved Keswick.
Ann Lane
Karl Lane
Ann Lane
In thanks given for our Ruby Wedding on November 10th.
Ann Lane
Sophia Lane
Happy Christmas Sophia on your 1st Christmas - Love Nanna & Gramps.
FG Larkins
Jean Waters
Dear Jean always remembered with much love.
Keswick Lions
Terry Robinson
Lloyd Ousby
Remembered by his fellow Lions
Remembered by his fellow Lions
GL Loan
Derrick Atkinson
Amanda Lockett
John Lockett
You are always in our thoughts, we think of you every day x
Doug Lowther
Percy Lowther
Wilf & Mamie Lowther
A pal for life.
Always in my thoughts
Jenny Lowther
Pamela Maginness
Mary and Joseph Maginness
Mary and Joe
Joanna Mason
Johnnie Mason
Doreen Mason
Paul Mason
Remembered by those they loved.
A Maxwell
Thomas Maxwell
Sadly missed always.
H McInroy
Barbara Walker
Granny B
Granny Barbara remembered always. Love Helen, Ross, Owen & Angus
Tina Messenger
Grace Lawson
Nana, love and miss you every day Tina, Dan & Danielle. xxx
Steph & Mike Murgatroyd
Colin King
Ian Reid
Gilly Lawrence
With fond memories of Colin, Ian and Gilly
Joan Nelson
Albert Nelson
Missed by us all.
HP Newton
Irene Tyson-Ewart
Frederick Tyson
Lily Tyson
True Keswickians remembered by all the family.
John W Newton.
William Notman
Phyllis Read nee Newton
William Colin Newton
Never forgotten
Always in our thoughts, Never Forgotten.
Always in our thoughts, Never Forgotten.
N Norton
Charles William Norton
P Notman
Ian Parr
Merry Christmas Babe. You were quite simply my World and
I'll love and miss you always love Tracy, PP & Family
Sarah O'Connor
Jenny Airey
Many treasured memories of you. Much loved and missed. Xxxx
Carole Owen
Richard Stuart Owen
Forever in my thoughts, I will always love and miss you
LR Perry
Ivy M Perry
Margaret Davies
Marge Matthews
Peter Brown
M Pope
Maggie Potts
Richard Potts
David Quainton
Pte. Joe Matthews
Died in the Great War 24th October 1918: awarded the M.M. Posthumously
Michael Rackham
Eric Rackham
Joan Rackham
Always in our thoughts and in our hearts. Love from Michael, Debbie, Jessica & Sam xxxx
Leonie Randall
James Humfress
Norah Humfress
Vincent Humfress
Tom Rennie
Marie Reynolds
Edward Ernest Pook
In loving memory of a loving and wonderful Husband & Dad "Miss you always" love, Anne-Marie
Geraldine Richardson
Michael Gillbanks
Richard Drummond
in memory of a dear cousin and friend
Never far away from my thoughts - Loved always.
PM Rigg
John Rigg
Sue Roberts
Michael Denwood
Margaret Denwood
Chris Denwood
To a wonderful Dad and Grandad, we all miss you very much xxx
A much loved mum and Grandma who we all miss.
To a loving brother and uncle- we miss you xxx
M Robinson
Terry Robinson
Love always - Marilyn, David, Emma, Paul & Claire.
Mark Robinson
John Robinson
Evelyn Robinson
Remembered always by Peter, Stephanie, Clive & Mark
Remembered always by Peter, Stephanie, Clive & Mark
Dorothy M Roper
Arthur MacKenzie Roper
Janet Rose
Rosemary McNally
Precious Mum Rosemary McNally and all our family who rest with her.
LG Ryder
Jessica Lowther
To Jessica Lexie, our happy funny granddaughter who is the light of our lives.
P Saxton
Tom & Rene Gleave
Only a breath away.
GL Scott
Sammy Scott
Loved ones don't go away
Walking beside us every day
Unseen, unheard, but always near
Still loved, missed and very dear.
Wendy Scott
Patrick Short
You are in Mind and Heart.
L Scott
Richard Scott
You are always in our thoughts. Lucy, Sylvia & Doug
D Scott
Alan Scott
Gone but never forgotten.
Sue Severs
Larry Wilkie
Uncle Larry, fond Lakeland memories. Your spirit is close.
Aileen Shanks
Susan Campbell
Angus Campbell
Georgina Campbell
Dad or Gus
George or 'oor Slim'
Miss you every day. 2 suppers & a single pudding please xx
Miss you every day. Pals, a pint and a punt. Wee Jake too xx
Miss you so much Sis & your fab Beef'n'Beer on Hogmanay xx
C Shepherd
John Thomas Dunbar
Uncle Tom
To my wonderful inspirational Dad, miss you and hope you finally find peace.
Michael & Virginia Sing
Isla Sutherland
Maggie Sutherland
George Sing
A lovely granddaughter who gives us much joy.
A second lovely granddaughter who gives us more joy.
Love that came from he only as a brothers love can be.
Peter Stephenson
Tony Stephenson
Gone but will never be forgotten
AS Stevenson
Pamela Ratcliffe
Missing you more with each passing year.
Barry Stoddard
B Stoddard
Lake District Ballroom
Lake District Ballroom Portinscale is pleased to support Lake District Tree of Light
Linda Tee
David Tee
George Holt
Always in our hearts you were a shining light to us all.
A year over so quickly and we miss you as much as ever
AM True
Carl Pettendrup
Elsie Pettendrup
Never a day goes by that I don't think of you both - Alison
Ruth Turner
Leah Turner
For Leah, the Light of my life, shining bright in my heart xxx
Victoria Turner
Patricia Turner
Forever in our hearts - We will always love you! xxx
Kathleen Walker
Michael Walker
Thinking of you always. Love Kathleen, Steven, Judith & families.
Joan Ward
Sydney Styth
Annie Styth
Marian Wilson
Happy memories of times spent together in Keswick
RA Wharton
Lloyd & Josephine Wharton
From the families of Lloyd and Josephine Wharton of Keswick, in grateful memory.
Chris White
John White
CR Wildsmith
Andrew David Wildsmith
Remembered every day - by Mum, Dad, John & Debbie.
Hugh Wilkie
Catherine Grant
K Wilkinson
Simon Bamber
Daddy always remembered, never forgotten. Love Joshua XXX
Judy Williams
Glyn Williams
Hazel Duckett
Love you and miss you.
BJ Williams
Patricia B Lindsay
Thomas H Lindsay
Celebrating memories of Pat and Tom Lindsay, on honeymoon in Keswick, March 1947, who walked across frozen Derwentwater.
A Wilson
Barbara Tyson
You are gone but never forgotten. Always in our thoughts. Love Mandy & Family xxx
PJ Wright
Frank McManus
Peggy Wright
Rest in Peace.
Always in my thoughts.
Andrea Wynne
Yorkshire Bank Pensioners
In memory of my husband Hugh Roger Wynne, died 14 May 2013
Keswick Rotary Club:  Registered Charity Number 1040508

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