Book of Celebration 2011

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A Acaster
Paula Thompson
With fondest memories of a lovely younger sister
EJ Addison
Dennis Addison
To my Husband, soulmate & friend. Loving you always. Edith x
John Alder
Ray Howarth
Rest in peace - from your friends in Keswick Lions Club.
M Andrews
Doug Andrews
Forever in my thoughts.
EL Appleby
William Appleby
EL Appleby
Edward Appleby
EM Armstrong
Harold Armstrong
Colin Atkinson
Derrick Atkinson
The best Dad! Thought of always, with a smile.
B Atkinson
George Webster
In loving memory.
Keith Bateman
Derek Bateman
In memory of Derek his love for the lakes and mountains.
Michael Bedward
Jonathan Bedward
Remembered by mom ,dad and sister at Christmas and always.
Gillian Black
Holly Black
Always remembered. Love Mum,Martin,Ian,
G Blair
Edward Douglas
Always in our hearts.
Gerald Blake
Brenda Blake
Michael Borwick
Audrey Borwick
Remembered this day and every day
H Boyle
Michael Boyle
Remembered by all the family especially at Christmas and Anniversaries.
KF Brough
Alan Brough
Loved and missed so very much. Remembered every day. Kathleen, Mandy and Family, Kathleen, Ian and Family.
DE Brown
KM Butterfield
Barbara Byers
June Frances Fisher
Shining on always, lighting our way x
E Campbell
Audrey Perry
Remembering you both this Christmas with love & fond memories - missing you - Elsa, Gary, Terri & Rory x
Peter Campion
Arthur Pickett
A lover of the Lakes from youth to his death in 2009
Jane Challis
Absent friends
Many happy memories.
J Clark
R Clark
Ian C Strachan
J Cooper
Charlie & Dorothy Messenger
Two wonderful people who are sadly missed but truly loved.
Roger Coupland
JM Craghill
Velma Evans
A wonderful mother and example of a war widow for over fifty years.
Alison Crozier
Stan Crozier
Always in our thoughts - Fiona, Alison & Gary
B Deacon
Stanley Graham
Dear Dad & Grandpa, remembering your love for us & our love for you all our fellwalking days.
P&L Dent
C Denwood
Stephen Bland
In memory of Stephen a precious son & brother in our hearts forever. All our love Mum, Roger, Vicky, Robert.
R Dowding
Doris Dowding
Remembered with love & gratitude for a great parent.
Sally Dugdale
Peter and Pixie
Thanks 4 being superb parents! Love & miss you! Sue & Sal X
ARJ Duncan
Hilary Duncan
Hilary & I always appreciated the illuminated tree every Christmas. It will help to keep the memory alive.
Michael Edge
Mary Broome
Miss you loads Mum, not the same without you. Love Michael (son)
D Edginton
Parkin Edginton
Dad & Grandad forever in our thoughts. Parkin - sleep tight our big cuddly monkey bear.
Rosemary Elliott
Rebecca Frank
A loyal serving nursing sister at Great Ormond St. and Sick Children's, Toronto.
Roy Ellis
Elizabeth Bott
with fond memories from the housegroup.
SM Ferguson
Wendy Ogilvie
Missed so very much
K Fletcher
Robert Patrick Hart
Bacon Bob
In Memory of Bob. Always loved & much missed. From Trina & all the Family x
D Ford
Terry Ford
In memory of my loving husband. Died Oct 1989. Always in my thoughts. Lots of love.
EM Forster
Donald Forster
A Gerrard
Lydia & Abigail Gerrard
Happy Christmas Lydia, Happy Christmas Abigail - lots of love from Grandma and Grandad
K Gibbons
Cyril & Joan Gibbons
To Dad & Mum, forever in our thoughts. Kev, Mark and family, with love.
SJ Grant
Esther Kidger
My fell-walking soulmate, Esther, snatched away too suddenly.
Colin Grant
Florence Grant
Nana Darling
A very much missed and generous hearted Mother & Grandmother
Jane Grave
John Branthwaite
Cheers, Dad, and Good Health!
Gail Gravett
Victor Sidney Gravett
In loving memory from John, Gail, Emma and Michael
Susan Greenhow
Derrick Atkinson
loving Dad and Grandad sadly missed never forgotten
LJ Halliday
Donald Halliday
R Healey
Deidre Finlay
Two lovely sisters lost too soon. 2008
ST Henderson
Yvonne Cawkwell
To Grandma Yvonne. Happy 80th birthday - keep shininh in heaven. With all our love Ross, Rhianna, Charis & Kristen
M Hendrie
Alan Hendrie
M Herbert
David Herbert
In memory of a dearly loved and loving Husband, Father and Grandfather
Pat Highton
John Highton
In loving memory of John Highton husband of Pat and father of Christopher, Roger and Rebecca.
Pat Highton
Pat Highton Senior
In loving memory of Pat Highton Senior mother of John, Langton, Esther, Robin and Lizzie.
Pam Hodson
David Hodson
Celebrating the life of a wonderful father and grandfather
Cathy Houghton
Billy Houghton
Always in our thoughts and dreams.
Lisa Howarth
Our love
Ashley and Lisa
To celebrate finding each other.
Patricia Howell
John Clansey
M Hunter
Ena Hunter
Lived for those they loved. Those they love remember them dearly.
A Jeffrey
Nicholas Jeffrey
H Jeffries
All Heroes
For all Heroes, Great & Small
JV Knowles
George Lee
You shine on in our thoughts.
Sandra Lancaster
Edith Mills
Loved and missed Sandra Barry Helen and Allison x
C Landon
Doreen Taylor née Gooder
For Mum & Dad, a totally devoted pair - Mum who lived at Fawe Park as a teaching student who loved her time there and always loved Keswick.
JM Lane
Reginald Pearce
Always Remembered - Never Forgotten.
Always Loved - Always Missed.
JM Lane
Arthur Lane
Always Remembered - Never Forgotten.
Always Loved - Always Missed.
FG Larkins
Jean Waters
In memory of a great family friend - very much missed
David Latimer
Family & Friends
The Stonethwaite annual camp with family and friends.
S Leadbitter
Robert Grisdale
For a much loved Dad, Grandad & Husband. A true inspiration and greatly missed.
S Loan
John William Walker
B Loan
Elizabeth Ellen Loan
Margaret S Lord-Cleworth
Harold Lord
Always in our thoughts
Margaret S Lord-Cleworth
Ronald Cleworth
Always in our thoughts
Doug Lowther
Percy Lowther
D Lowther
Wilf Lowther
In memory of a loving Father
D Lowther
Mary Lowther
In memory of a loving Mum
A Maxwell
Thomas Maxwell
Tom Maxwell (Died 27/07/94) Greatly missed, remembered with love by all the family.
S McDermott
Mary McDermott
God Bless!
J McLeod
Jean & John Wood
Remembering wonderful family Christmasses.
A Messenger
James Messenger
In loving memory of a fantastic Dad & Grandad, who absolutely loved Christmas.
E Mounsey
Allan Mounsey
In memory of my lovely husband Allan who died fourteen years ago on 1st November.
Steph & Mike Murgatroyd
The Murgatroyd Family
To celebrate our family
Rosemary Nash
Andrew Nash
Andrew & the Lake District. Such happy memories. Now with the Saviour he loved and served. "Three Wee Words"
JW Newton
William Notman
For services to their country WW1 WW2. Army-ATS-Navy
JW Newton
William Colin Newton
For services to their country WW1 WW2. Army-ATS-Navy
HP Newton
Irene Tyson-Ewart
In loving memory of Irene Tyson-Ewart. A true Keswickian who loved her family, church, town & country.
N Norton
David Woodall
Welcome home from Afghanistan David - may the Lord bless and guide you always - love from Gran
MD Oldman
For all who died this year in action, accident and illness. Remembering all my family.
A Ousby
Jean Ousby
In memory of our Mum.
J Ousby
Bethany Andrews
Congratulations Jo & Leigh on the arrival of Bethany 25/01/2011
Carole Owen
Richard Stuart Owen
Forever in my thoughts, I will always love and miss you
Pauline Payton
David Payton
You are always in my thoughts. Miss you so much
LR Perry
Ivy M Perry
LR Perry
Edith Bowden
S Plant
Dennis Fisher
Dad - we miss you more with each passing day - all our love forever.
Maggie Potts
Richard Potts
David Quainton
Thomas & William Quainton
Twins born to Andrew and Louise on 31st March 2011
David Quainton
Zachary F Bain
Congratulations to Carolyn & Will on the birth of Zach on 26th April - from Dad.
Ruth Redmond
Patrick Redmond
Always loved
J Reed
James Reed
We will always love and remember you James, you were inspiring, delightful to know - we miss that smile
Tom Rennie
Marie Reynolds
Edward Pook
In our thoughts and our hearts forever.Love
H Reynolds
PM Rigg
John Rigg
AM Riley
Louis Riley
For ever in my heart my Darling
Dorothy M Roper
Arthur MacKenzie Roper
Greatly missed over 25 years.
GL Scott
Sammy Scott
Where did our L.A.M.B. go x
Wendy Scott
Patrick Short
Wendy & the family treasure loving memories of you. We miss your insight, imagination, intelligence and your generous spirit.
L Scott
Richard Scott
With fond memories of Richard (Dick) Scott - love from Lucy, Sylvia, Doug & Family.
RSR Scott Robinson
Charles Duell Scott
I thank the Lord my God every time I remember you.
IG Sharman
Ted Sharman
In memory of Ted & Joan Sharman
Christine Sheppard
Eileen Godfrey
Mum and Granny
Loved and missed so much. Chris, Kelvyn, Alice and Floree
M Sing
Isla Sutherland
Our two lovely granddaughters
CA Smith
Marie Wagner
Life kept us apart, but your courage and strength inspired me. With love Mum, your daughter.
Chris Smith
AC Steven
Roly Steven
Lots of love. In memory of our happy life. Tink
AS Stevenson
Pamela Ratcliffe
Missing you every day always in our thoughts.
Philip Stewart
Anne & Bill Stewart
Missed but not forgotten, till we meet again, cheers
Alice Stirzaker
albert stirzaker
Happy memories of days gone by love Alice
Barry Stoddard
B Stoddard
Lake District Ballroom
Lake District Ballroom Your friendly Portinscale Dance Association supports the Tree of Light
M Stoddart
The Price Family
Always remembered - happy memories.
S Stonehewer
Wayne Moore
In memory of a special Grandson -loved for ever - Gran.
Carmel Sullivan
John Sullivan
To my Dad, John Sullivan. Thinking of you at Christmas, miss you loads Carmel,Mick,Rachel, Chris & Mum XX
RB Taylor
Fred Williamson
Loved and remembered always. Also remembering all those who have lost their lives whilst serving in the armed forces.
J Taylor
Neil Plumb
Always in our thoughts.
Alan Taylor
Celia Taylor-Weir
Mark Weir
You are a Star! How you are missed. Flying high now, for ever loved. xx
L Tee
David Tee
A much loved husband and father, A shining light to all who met you.
HM Thomson
All who serve
With eternal gratitude for all who serve and have given so much for our freedom
Steven Throp
Lucas and Samuel Shaw
In celebration of our grandchildren Samuel and Lucas.
Emma Throp
In fond memory of Charlie loved by all.
Anne Tremble
Dorothy Arthur
Loved and remembered every day. From all your family.
Anne Tremble
Eric Litt
Loved and remembered every day from Beryl and Family.
Anne Tremble
Evelyn Hewitt
Loved and remembered every day from Anne and Carl
Anne Tremble
Gerald Arthur
We miss your smile and all your fun. From Anne & Carl
Anne Tremble
Stan Tremble
Still in our thoughts everyday. Love always from Joyce, Peter, Sue, Emma, Martin, Laura, Anne, Carl & Neil.
Karen Walker
Sam Walker
Remembering baby Sam.
Lots of love Mummy,Daddy,Jake,Ben x
Kathleen Walker
Mike Walker
Treasured memories!
E Weightman
Alma Hurley
AW Welton
Chris Meads
E Whittaker
James Reed
K Wilkinson
Simon Bamber
Miss you always Daddy, love Joshua XXX
Claire Williams
David Boustead
still missing you
C Williams
Bert Williams
Merry Christmas Dad.
PJ Wright
Peggy Wright
Sadly missed: Peter, John, Jayne, Andrew & Kitty.
Andrea Wynne
Yorkshire Bank Pensioners
The countless YB pensioners who donate time to local causes
Keswick Rotary Club:  Registered Charity Number 1040508

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