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The following people have donated to the Keswick Rotary Club Lake District Tree of Light for the year 2016/17

Keswick Rotary Club - Lake District Tree of Light has 85 registered users
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Donor To celebrate Also known as Tribute
Elsie Ashcroft
William Ashcroft
Forever with us.
Kathleen Batty
Brian Shannon Batty
Always in our hearts x
Michael Bedward
Jonathan Bedward
Christmas was one of Jon's favourite times of the year, Always came home. Remembered all year - especially at Christmas
R Bellairs
Dorothy Bellairs
The Lakes Her favourite holiday!
G Blair
Edward Douglas
Donald Blair
Grateful thanks to my two Husbands
much loved, not forgotten, now at peace.
H Boyle
Michael Boyle
In loving memory of Michael.
J Boys
Bessie Chambers
A courageous, loving and much, much loved Mam. Remembered always by daughter Joyce - God Bless.
Sarah Bradshaw
John Bradshaw
Good times here always remembered, as are you, with love always, Sarah
Donald E Brown
Margaret Burns
William Burns
To a dear husband, father and Grandfather, thinking of you always. From Margaret and all the family.
J Burt
Bob Burt
For Ever in my heart.
Hazel Caldwell
John Caldwell
Mrs. J B Clark
Love you always Daddy xx Hazel & Margaret
Shine bright Gran xx Lots Love Hazel
Jane Challis
Absent friends
Inner Wheel Club of Keswick
Stephanie Murgatrotd
Jennifer Lowther
Remembering two of our special Inner Wheel Friends. Greatly missed
SB Connolly
Kevin Connolly
Louise Crawshaw
Thomas A Farnhill
A Dad remembered with love, respect and wonderful memories especially the times we spent in Keswick where he passed on
his love on the Lake District. A gift for life. Louise, Mike
& family
Fiona Crozier
Stanley Crozier
Loved and remembered every day - Fiona, Alison and Gary xxx
Anne Davidson
Alan Davidson
Loved and Remembered always. Love Anne, Colin, Laura, Jonathan & Granddaughter Grace xx
George Davison
Jordan George Peck
In our thoughts all the time, 23 years of love and memories, Jordan George Peck
Gillian Davison
Joanne Grogan
Colin Mandale Davison
Loving wife and mother so sadly lost. We love and miss you everyday, forever in our hearts and thoughts
Loving husband and father who died so young. Missing you is
always hard, memories of our lives together are cherished.
JS Davy
Killian O'Neill
In memory of Baby Killian O'Neill. You were the precious grandson we very nearly had. Keep shining your light down on us
Grandma and Granddad
EJ Dawson
Kathleen Dawson
We miss you every day, always in our thoughts for ever in our hearts.
B Deacon
Stanley Graham
Thank you for all the love you gave us.
Sally Dugdale
Peter and Pixie
Uncle Les Dugdale
Auntie Chris's Other Half
Thanks 4 being superb parents! Love & miss you! Sue & Sal X
We keep slurping the Guinness/real ales in your honour!!
Tony Duncan
Hilary Duncan
Always remembered by all the family - especially by all the Grandchildren
Emma Eastoe
Sylvia Eastoe
I miss you more with every passing day xx
Rosemary Elliott
Patrick Elliott
Patrick gave us great joy. 18 May 1966
SM Ferguson
Wendy Ogilvie
Pam Scriven
Remembered always and so sadly missed.
D Fernandez
Amy Fernandez
Alfredo Fernandez
Both are missed and loved beyond words.
Gillian Frances
For Heather
Marilyn Grant
Fraser Grant
For ever in my heart.
Peter Hadden
M Harding
Doris Thom
Alex Thom
Mam & Nana
Dad & Grandad
Miss you both loads. From all the Family and your beautiful
great Grand Daughter who unfortunately you never met.
A Hardman
Charles Petrie
John Hayes
Jeff Postlewaite
A True Wanderer
R Healey
Catherine Cook
Deidre Finlay
In memory with love of our two Darling Daughters
M Hendrie
Alan Hendrie
K&F Holleis
Karla Alma Holleis
Wolfgang Holleis
Loved and missed every day
CM Howarth
Raymond Howarth
Loved and missed by all the family.
Helen Hunt
Beryl Hunt
In memory of a wonderful Mum
M Jackson
Angela Strickland
Very dear daughter with all our Love.
Michael Jackson
Duncan Jackson
Alan Whalley
Claire James
Paul Furminger
Always in our hearts and thoughts, love Mum & Claire
A Jeffrey
Steph Murgatroyd
Frank Jenkinson
Christine Jenkinson
Loved, greatly missed and always in our hearts, and minds.
NA Johnson
Johnny Johnson
In Loving Memory of You - missed by Noreen & Family
David Latimer
Meryll Warburton
A very special person who loved Borrowdale.
Sue Leadbitter
Robert Grisdale
Joyce Grisdale
Always in our hearts. Missed so much. Love all the family xx
Remembered very fondly by all the family x
Keswick Lions
Mike Cruikshank
Ian Taylor
Remembered by your Fellow Lions
Amanda Lockett
John Lockett
You are always in our thoughts,we think of you every day xxx

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